Read the story behind P&M Foods


P&M Foods is the dream of Manuel and Patricia, brother and sister who came together to change the way we eat and whose goal is to make food our daily medicine and reduce obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and digestive disorders, while still eating delicious food.

We are 100% Plant Based

To achieve this dream, we use plant-based ingredients, such as legumes and functional ingredients with a proven effect on improving and taking care of our health.

Delivering Healing Foods

The challenge was to integrate these ingredients in food matrices and develop foods that heal us, take care of us and that cover our nutritional requirements in a complete and balanced way, for which we work with statistical programs and mathematical models that allow us to obtain formulas of optimal nutritional and technological quality. .

We create delicious food

The next challenge was to find a way to integrate them into the daily menu; In the never-lacking preparations such as muffins, pizzas or hamburgers, this is how we come to develop innovative solutions designed for the family, in a healthy, balanced way, without added sugar, without preservatives, free of stamps, very easy to prepare and with excellent flavor!
We made it possible for the usual high consumption food to be healthy, functional and improve our health. With P&M Foods, what you like to eat so much is now good for you.